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When is Specific King Ask allowed after RKB

We are trying to refine our slam bidding agreements, and were interested in expert practice concerning the requirements for making a specific King ask (SKA) after an RKB response (and trump Queen follow-up when needed). Specifically does making the SKA promise possession of all 5 key cards (KC)? To complicate the subject, an agreement might vary based on:

  • form of scoring: at matchpoints, SKA does not promise all 5 KC (allowing exploration for 6NT), while at IMPs it does (presumably improving grand-slam bidding accuracy)
  • level: if the auction is below 5 of the trump suit (5T), SKA does not promise all 5KC, while at or above 5T it does

If you do use an SKA or similar follow-up after RKB, what is your preferred agreement about when it can be made?

never guarantees all key cards present
varies based on form of scoring
varies based on auction level
varies based on form of scoring and auction level
always guarantees all key cards present
other agreement (please describe)

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