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When the Opps Interfere over Our 2NT

We open 2NT (20-21 balanced) and the opps interfere at the 3 level with a natural bid (either a 1-suiter or a 2-suiter including the suit that's been bid).

If it matters, assume that you play negative doubles when the opps interfere at the 2 or 3 level after your 1NT (15-17) opener.

What would your preferred agreements be when the opps interfere over your 2NT? (If they'd be different depending on what the suit is, please describe.)

Please select up to 3 choices.

Double is negative with an emphasis on the unbid major(s)
Double shows cards without clear direction
Double is penalty
Double is other (please describe)
3NT shows a stopper
3NT tends to deny a stopper
3NT says nothing about stopper(s)
Pass is forcing
Pass is non-forcing

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