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When to call for TD

Reading the threads in Boyes article make me realize that bridge players have different opinions about when it is proper to call for TDs.

Originally, I had a very clear opinion on this subject (shared view point of Boye and many others with him) but have come to realize that this is a delicate matter, where we all come different cultural backgrounds that equally needs to be respected. No one is right, and no one is wrong.

What we all want though, is to play the game and compete under equal conditions. For the last two Europeans I have estimated that the “loss” for the Norwegian team not calling TD is approx. 100 imps per championship. That is just too many imps “giving” away, assuming the other teams takes what they can get. Our mentality was: “Should I/we have done something different on that board, which would make us unharmed?” If the answer to that question were yes, we would not call for TD.

A couple of years ago, my partnership called for TD in two situations in the Norwegian Premier League at a point where we could not decide if harm was made or not (during bidding) In both situations our reward from the TD was to good, and we decided to withdraw our call for TD. Result achieved at table was to stand.That is my background.

Why am I saying this?

Well, I want things to be equal. Playing opponents that would call for TD in any given situation (as for 7NT in Boyes article) I will certainly also enable myself to call for TD. Playing opponents, where it would not even cross their minds to call for TD, I would hate myself for long if I did make that call. In a perfect world, this will make balance.

So what will I do?

I will update my convention card with information like:

• We will not make benefit when you i.e. lose your card at the table• We will withdraw TD call when TD ruling give us an unlikely result

In front of every match, I will ask my opponents if they prefer playing it this way and adjust our “convention” accordingly.Not perfect for sure, but maybe a way to start?

Please come with suggestions on text to put into my CC


Thomas Charlsen

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