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When will the WBF post details for Orlando?

The World Bridge Series is scheduled to take place in Orlando, Florida Sept 21-Oct 6, 2018.

There is some general information posted on the WBF website, but specifics are lacking:

For months now, the same information has been posted, indicating that details will be published "in due course"

E.g. "A full detailed schedule will be published here in due course."


"Players eliminated from the KO stages of the Teams, up to and including the semi-finals, will be able to drop into the Pairs events, following the regulations that will be specified in the Supplemental Conditions of Contest for the Championships which will be published here in due course."


Many people make plans for this sort of thing early.  Before any information was posted, I'd made tentative plans on the assumption that the format would be similar to 2014.  It can now be seen just from the outline that the format is drastically changed from 2014.

I've now seen a privately circulating specific schedule, and have made tentative plans accordingly.  I know of others who have done the same.  Also, I've heard speculation about the drop-in regulations.  This seems pretty important for people who wish to make plans to play with a different partner in the pairs from the teams.  

Once there is an official schedule, I'll be able to finalize my own plans, and perhaps recommend the event to others.  I'm not comfortable doing so based on an outline.


When is "in due course"?  I hope it's soon!


UPDATE 1/18/18:  There is now a schedule posted.  I don't know when it got there - this is the first time I've checked since posting this article.

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