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When your partner doubles strong 1NT opening for penalty (imp)

This is the other bid that I don't understand 100% why some players think about what to do.

LHO opens 15-17 1NT, partner doubles (shows equal or better strength) for penalty per your agreement. RHO passes and you have xxxx, xxxx, xxx, xx ( 0 points or 2 or 1 doesn't matter that much -no K or Ace). So what would you? Would you bid 2cl if its a garbage Stayman? Or say you have 2533 with 0-2 points, would you bid 2H if it's to play?

Of course partner knows that there is - 6-10 point left in the deck (she might have 25 points or 15), so would you think making a call to rescue(!) him/her just because you have 0-2 point? or is it an automatic pass? 



I would bid
I would pass

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