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Where are the sponsors?

If I was pouring millions of dollars year after year into sponsoring a bridge team, then it would be my first priority to ensure that top bridge became clean again. 

I do not want to risk having my marketing dollars being wasted by having players on my team caught - or even accused - of cheating, thus creating immense damage to my sponsorship and brand building efforts. And if I was losing to teams that was using illegal methods to beat my team, I would be even more frustrated.

Coming from a marketing background I can't find a scenario, where cleaning up top bridge would not be the top priority of the sponsors.

I am surprised that one or more sponsors haven't come forward and said: "I will donate $20.000 to the person that prove without any doubt that a top pair [definition] is cheating in bridge".   The first to do so would get a lot of free marketing and support from the bridge community.
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