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Where is Everyone?

I arrived in Columbus last night and the hotel couldn’t find my reservation. Evidently the ACBL had cancelled it for some reason. No worries, there were plenty of rooms available and much less expensive than I would have thought. Even stranger, when I arrived at the convention center today, it was like a ghost town. There was hardly anyone there. The only other bridge players I’ve seen so far are Peggy Kaplan and Jonathan Steinberg, we’ve been searching for a 4th to play a few hands.

In all seriousness, missing a bridge tournament is the least of our concerns. There are many people suffering physically and even more suffering economically. I haven’t played a club game in years, but I would like to participate in the “Support your Club” Games. I would also like to find a way to help others in need, so I propose the following:

Anyone who would like to play as my partner, please send me a PM. Like with most things, there are strings attached:You must donate a minimum of $250 to an organization that provides basic needs such as health services, food, shelter, or similar. I will donate an equal amount, up to $500, to the Chicago Food Depository.

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