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Who has the lowest Bacon/Erdos number?

Over the last few years I've written a few articles with Stefan Ralescu, who has an Erdos number of 2.

So my number is 3.

Now the question is whether I can somehow acquire a Bacon number.

And which bridge player has the lowest combined Bacon/Erdos number?

Zia tells me he has never been in a movie with Omar Sharif.

I did research on a TV series for BBC with Jeremy Flint who played in a match recorded for TV with Omar, and his number is no bigger than five.!topic/rec.arts.movies/-qNue6RwTn8%5B1-25%5D

I have no link to Barry Crane that I can think of, or Liz Fraser, but would welcome other ideas, or suggestions of which bridge players might score well here.


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