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Who should vote for ACBL board members?

The current ACBL bylaws state that candidates for District Director, 1st and 2nd Alternates, and Board of Governors are elected by a vote of the Unit board members of the district for which the candidates are running.

Each unit board member get a fractional vote which is determined by the number of ACBL members in the particular unit divided by 100, and further divided by the total number of members on the particular unit board.  So each unit board member in a  unit with 500 members and 10 unit board members would get 0.5 votes.

This election process is run by Horn Lake and not by the district or unit. 

There have been various suggestions when discussing major changes to the BoD and BoG regarding who should vote for these candidates.  One forward-going proposal would have a Board of Directors of 9 members elected by a Senate (of 50) after a nomination committee filtered candidates.


This poll asks your opinion on how ACBL candidates should be elected.


The current voting method is fine.
The district board should vote for candidates by whatever means they otherwise vote on district matters. The district would manage the election.
.All ACBL members in a district should have 1 vote. Horn Lake would manage the election(s).
Elections for ACBL boards should be across the whole ACBL membership; 1 vote per member and not by district.
A Senate vote as described above, with the Senators elected by 1, 2, 3, or 4 above.

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