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Who's Supervising Whom?

Donald Mamula tells us "Several years ago, I asked management to give the board generalized, non-identifiable information on TD age demographics. I thought it might help to drive home the need for concerted efforts in the TD realm before we lost a number of top directors to retirement.

The request was denied. According to management, the board was not entitled to know what the age demographics of our TD employees were. I was told this was for “legal reasons”."


"Several years ago" could have been during the regime of a previous ACBL CEO.  I certainly hope that was the case.  Was it?


How can the ACBL Board of Directors do its job/carry out its responsibilities when "Management" (whoever the CEO is) refuses them the information they need to make informed decisions? 


After the (ongoing) ACBLscore+ fiasco, during the last eight months of which we have heard and read talk of "gag orders" and "potential litigation," and complaints from BoD members about inability to get information from Management, I certainly hope that today's BoD members -- your District's Director and mine -- won't be cowed by a flimsy excuse such as "legal reasons" and will press on for specifics of "legal reasons" and past that to the actual facts requested!


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