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Why (and make sense?) ban conventions or systems from bridge?

***Disclaimer -- i really don't know the answers from what i am asking about!! *******

I read in other thread that answer to 1 cant be made in transfer as is "illegal". 

Who can decide about it? This make sense at all? Is like external influence on the beauty of game...

Personally i not use such different conventions, but to me is just a challenge to beat them...

To me looks like in chess some federation says you cant play french open or some weird one like 1e4 a6, because people not study how to play against it....I just sit and play and normally win against, and this different things are normally bad. If is good i want learn and use myself. (chess talking)

If the target of game is to get the best results, why ban the tries from others, if they are trying to win?

Is multi (this one i like to play, but not with main partner) , for example, forbidden in all tournaments in USA?


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