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Why are men more successful at bridge than women?

Many thanks to all of you who have already responded to the bridge and sexism questions. One of my PhD students will analyse all the responses in March so this is the final reminder to please send your views by the end of February. Please also note that I’ve added an extra question at the start – feel free to send your response to this even if you have previously answered the other questions. You can private message me, send an email to: or post below (just put the question numbers with your responses).

Participation in this research is welcome from everyone (men and women of all ages and all levels from beginner to expert). We are interested in your personal reflections based on your knowledge and experiences as a Bridge player.

0) At the top level, why do you think men are more successful at bridge than women?

1) What do you understand by the term ‘sexism’ in relation to Bridge?

2) Do you believe that sexism is a relevant and/or useful term in understanding the social dynamics between men and women in the game of Bridge? (please elaborate if possible)

3) What might you consider to be examples of sexism in Bridge? (please indicate if these are based on personal experiences)

4) What might you consider to be examples of ‘unconscious bias’ in Bridge in relation to gender, and how are these different or the same as examples of sexism?

5) Are there any changes that could be made in relation to equality between men and women in the game of Bridge?

6) What might be the consequences (positive or negative) of raising awareness or addressing sexism in Bridge?

7)Is there anything further you wish to contribute to this subject?

8) Please indicate which of the following apply to you:

Gender: Male / Female

Age group: Under 25 / 25-34 / 35-54 / 55+

Bridge Standard: social player / club player / tournament player (congresses, national events or leagues) / international (ie you have represented your country) / professional player

Nationality: please provide your country (or continent if you prefer)

Name (optional - only if you do not mind being identified by Sam even though your responses will be anonymised in the study)

Email (optional - for possible follow-up and copy of the results)

Responding will mean you are agreeing for your views to be used anonymously in my sociological exploration of this subject, and for possible inclusion in academic papers and bridge literature. If there is something specific amongst your answers that you wish to be exempt, please make this clear. All responses will be anonymised.

Thank you for your time, much appreciated.


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