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Why aren't you playing in the USBC?

In 2006 the USBC, the trials for the US open team in the 2007 Bermuda Bowl, attracted over 30 teams. Last year I think we got 15, this year 16. The USBC is in Orlando effectively the first week of June. Next year it will be in Phoenix, I believe, starting Mother's Day weekend.

Orlando is one of the easiest destinations in the US, with frequent (and the last time I looked, relatively cheap) flights. The host hotel prices are not outrageous, and Orlando is one of the places where there is quite a lot of budget lodging. USBC entry fees are higher than NABCs, but again not prohibitive.

The USBC offers a chance to play bridge against the best the US has to offer. If you have bridge ambitions there is nothing more useful for improving your game. And very little that is more fun.

So what is keeping you away?

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