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Why do I need a convention card?

Playing in teams event at a local sectional.

It all started during an auction P (P) 1nt 12-14 (X), no alert

I asked LHO for his convention card, no card available.I then asked for RHO convention card, defence to NT was completed but had been crossed out with horizontal lines drawn over it.I called the director and explained the situation and was told “I could ask” When I objected to asking about their conventions as it would allow the opponents to confirm their agreements, the director took the X'er away from the table, I assume asked about their agreements, came back and again told me “I could ask”.

I again objected, the director told the opposition to have 2 CC's completed before the start of the next match and left the table. We played that board (#3of7) without the information we are entitled to. While waiting for the remaining boards to come to our table, I went back to the director and asked for the opposition to complete a convention card before we played the remaining boards. My request was refused.

Why was my LHO not sent away from the table while RHO explained their agreements? Why are players allowed to ignore the Conditions of Contest which clearly state that both players MUST have a completed convention card available for their opponents?

After the event, I spoke to the head director and explained the situation. I was told I needed to “relax”, that the directors decide when a pair needs to complete their convention card so as not to delay the game and that “if they enforced all the regulations, they would have no players coming back”.

I was also told that I would be 'protected' while our opponents did not have a completed convention card. While this may be acceptable for the board in question, I find it very unsatisfactory for subsequent boards. I expect to play bridge in accordance with the laws, not a guessing game with artificial adjusted scores.

How has this game which has a detailed, clearly published, set of rules been diminished to a game where the players influence which rules are followed and enforced and directors are more happy to slap a penalty on a player with an inactive cell phone in their hand rather than a pair with no convention card?

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