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Why don't we have a cheating competition!


This might be completely barmy but...


Invite anyone to submit a cheating method (perhaps with an entry fee to discourage time-wasters) for consideration by a suitable committee.

Points are awarded for:

S: Stealth (1-5), the higher the number the more difficult the committee thinks the method will be to detect

P: Playability (1-10), the higher the number the easier the method is to use in practice

V: Value (1-10), how much use the information passed is likely to be

Multiply these together to get the SPV index for the proposed method. Select 18-22 of the highest rated methods to be tested in a real-life competition (pick a suitable cut point like they do in golf).


Now invite 32 top-ranked pairs to take part in a competition (expenses and a fee paid of course). Randomly assign a cheating method to about 2/3 of the field, the remainder to play unaided. Now play a normal elimination competition with say a number of round-robins to start. All matches to be videoed and published on the web. Any pair which arouses a significant amount of suspicion (committee decision) during the event is automatically eliminated and replaced by a pair eliminated by normal means.

Now we have two more types of competitors (all pay a fee to make a submission, again to discourage time-wasters):

Detectives: who analyse the videos and attempt to determine who is cheating and how. A reward is paid for successful 'convictions'.

Analysts: who use statistical analysis techniques to uncover who the cheating pairs are. Points are awarded for successful 'accusations' and deducted for false 'accusations'. A league table of analysts is made with prizes to the top places.

These competitions to run for 3 months after the main event.

Prizes are awarded to the inventor of a cheating method that makes it to the final 8; an increased prize is awarded if the method survives the 3 month examination period.


What do we get:

a) a fun and unusual competition that is likely to receive significant publicity

b) a library of techniques that can be used to design anti-measures or for reference purposes in future detective work

c) a test-bed for statistical analysis techniques

This is such a bizarre event that it is likely to attract the attention of news agencies around the world; with significant publicity comes the opportunity for sponsorship (corporate and private) to fund the event. Although notionally a cheating event it does have laudable aims.




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