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Why Gatlinburg?

Last week was the Toronto Easter Regional: roughly 1500 tables.


Many Regionals have under 1000 tables.


According to the ACBL website, last year Gatlinburg had about 8500 tables -- roughly the same size as a small NABC.  A large contingent from my area are going and I would be surprised if the numbers aren't comparable to last year's.


I've never been to this tournament -- it never really fits into my schedule -- so I can't say why this tournament gets the numbers it does.  I've asked friends who do go and they list as the positives:


  •  The very reasonable accommodation including full kitchens so players are not forced to go to restaurants every time they are hungry.
  • There is other stuff to do besides play bridge -- ideal for a non bridge playing spouse/companion.
  • A lot of the top pros show up.


What else is there about this tournament that makes it so popular and might it be possible to 'bottle' some of this success and distribute it to some of the least attended Regionals?  

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