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Why I Play Bridge

A bit of a misnomer for a title; I play bridge for many,  many reasons. Yet, a few are on display here at the Nebraska Regional, going on right now.

My friends Cookie Hoberman and Jan Loftin took a moderate regional and built it up to a powerhouse. With tons of hard work, smarts, great marketing and zillions of volunteer hours, it's now one of the most enjoyable and successful tournaments around.

This year, quite a number of strong teams showed up. Many have all-star line-ups, with only one client. Sometimes, the client ain't chopper liver, either.

While it does make for tough sledding to battle your way through a KO - it is also a great challenge and fun!

My teams ended up facing some of the toughest almost every match. In particular, it seems like we had to play Dear Billy Miller's team (including Ron Smith, Greg Hinze and Nagy Kamel) almost every day. Time after time, they would best us. Finally, though, we managed to eke out a 2 IMP win against them.

Each time, they were aggressive, played remarkably well - and were always so pleasant and friendly. No one ever likes to lose; me included. Yet, as far as I am concerned, this is what bridge is all about. You play against excellent players - it toughens your own game. You almost always learn something. The times that you do win - you know you have achieved something. My thanks to the top notch players who are a major factor in why bridge is the greatest mind game every invented! 

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