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Why is bridge like sex?

Playing in the final match of the Denver Memorial Day Regional Swiss (with two US juniors as your teammates at the other table), last match, and you have a shot at winning. (Currently third, the team that beats you wins.)

The auction proceeds,

P-(P)-1C (you, precision style)-(2H)

1H!- "Police" (in a polite way). "You can accept 1H?" "Are you kidding?"


In the ensuing discussion (We are all friends, don't give me, "Why was there a discussion?"), it becomes apparent to all that responder didn't notice the 2H bid. By our partnership agreements, a passed hand 1H by responder with no competition shows 8-10 HCP and no good 5 card suit.


If partner makes her bid sufficient (don't tell her I posted this, she doesn't read this stuff but  will make me sleep on the couch), 3H, that is a 4x1 stiff heart. But DBL by partner, as a passed hand, shows 8-10, no good 5 card suit, exactly her hand.


The director ruled that, in effect, partner had to place the contract. Looking at a balanced 8 count with HTx, she bid 3N. I held a big balanced hand with HKJ and the lead came through to the HAQtxxx.


I don't believe the intention of the laws adequately consider this situation. 


Was the ruling right? Should partner have been allowed a conventional DBL? We were told partner was not allowed to double. Or was partner required to place the auction (This is not sour grapes, they beat us by substantially more.) 

You lose sucker! Garthman, you are my hero!
Ruling was wrong. You lose by less.

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