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Why play a Big or Precision?

Brian Platnick once said:

“When I returned to serious play, I think it helped that JD and I switched to precision. Playing a new system, especially precision, made bridge fun again. I commented above to my friend GregO about our flight B win in 1985. Bridge was much more fun back in my younger days. We used to have a blast at tournaments. Learning Precision and improving our system really made me look forward to tournaments like I used to…." (Brian Platnick, Sept. 23, 2016 In The Well)

Some of the best pairs in the world play a big or another limited system. Others prefer good old fashioned two over one.

When I look at the popularity of a  big systems today, it in no wise compares to the trendiness of Precision in the 1970's

Personally, I am in a different world when playing some form of Precision ... my thinking is qualitatively  better plus I have way more fun both learning it and executing it.

Why do you think dedicated Bridge players prefer two over one or some other traditional.natural system instead of playing a big club scheme of some type?

Fear of being preempted
Too complex
Too hard to find partner/s to play it with
Have another preferred system like Fantunes or Polish Club
Too established in a current partnership
Too much work to change
It is inherently inferior
Not natural enough
Don't like opponents reaction to it at the table

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