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Hi All,

As I mentioned in my most previous article (, I would post my article trying to convince people why they should play bridge. Thanks to all who contributed and gave me ideas, and I am still open for more.

Here's the link( Keep in mind I am writing this in the context of the audience as people from the bay area who knows me.

Please comment any suggestions you have to make my article better, and I am planning on posting the article on Facebook.


In case the above link to the article does not work, I will paste my article onto the next page.

Why am I so ardent about bridge? Why do I do all of my projects on something related to bridge? I will explain why I am so addicted to the greatest game of all time.

To begin, one must understand that bridge is not a petty little game played by very few people. In fact, some people don’t even consider bridge a game; I certainly view it as a way of life. One of my favorite quotes is: “If bridge is just a game, then Mount Everest is just a hill.” And it’s not just me who is so fanatic. People have been known to dropout of college to play bridge, and they make up some of the 44% of households who played bridge in the 1800’s.

Why should you play bridge? There are several benefits of bridge, besides it just being fun. Bridge greatly improves your memorization. You can soon memorize hands you played years ago. Furthermore, bridge bolsters your ability to quickly calculate and process numbers, strengthens your logic, and challenges your ability to think creatively. I found I struggled a lot in math after I went on a hiatus from break. Not only is bridge good for your mind, it is something to look forward to after retirement. Are you going to be able to run, jump, catch, or shoot a ball when you are 60? No, but you will be able to play bridge.

Bridge is a partnership game. It teaches you teamwork, cooperating, and figuring out what your partner wants, skills that are important in real life. Multiple studies point to increase in problem solving, analysing, inferential thinking, adapting and adjusting plans, reasoning, memory, and even test scores! Bridge is a mind sport; it constantly forces you to use the skills mentioned that increased. While I am not much for interacting with people, I enjoy the social interaction with the bridge community, arguably the best community there is. The bridge community is amiable, kind, and very generous to youth players. Having placed second in a bridge tournament, my partner and I were supposed to get a mug because the shirt prizes were running out, however, my mentor leaned over and whispered to the person in charge, who then gave us the shirts because we were youth players.

Bridge should especially be learned when you are in the bay area. SiVY, a non-profit bridge organization holds monthly FREE bridge pizza parties. Pretty much unlimited pizza is served along with cake, chips, and lemonade, and you can learn bridge or compete in a casual tournament and win prizes, all for 0 bucks. Pretty much nowhere else is this available. Additionally, being a youth player in SiVY gives you MANY perks; they will find partners, pair you up with mentors, provide you with a money costing program for free on the most popular bridge website, even reimbursing you with 500 dollars regardless of your skill level to go to the Youth National Bridge Championships, where the total scholarship amount is 7000 dollars. All of these services including the annual high school championships with prizes reaching a total of 1650 dollars is why 14 out of the 30 people representing America for the World Youth Championships is from the bay area.

There is a reason why my mentor, Michael Rosenberg, a chess champion of Scotland gave up his future for chess and took up bridge in highschool, and now he is a professional making lots of money. There is a reason why I spent so much time writing this during the Finals week for my high school. There is a reason why Louis Sachar, award winning author of the book Holes, wrote a book about bridge. There is a reason why geniuses such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett plays bridge. There is a reason why bridge is part of the school’s curriculum in China. There is a reason why bridge is considered a sport.

Conclusion? This game/ sport/ way of life is too great to not at least try it. Come to one pizza party hosted by SiVY. Would you give up this opportunity that no one else has but you? If you don't like it, you would have but lost 3 hours. Even then, it is not a complete loss as you would have gotten pizza and food, all for free. But if you enjoy this game that has attracted and lured so many people to the point of where they drop their job to pursue their true passion, you would have won the lottery.

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