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Will People Please Stop Saying Meta-Rules When They Mean Rules?

Sorry, but it's getting out of hand and is starting to drive me crazy. Meta-rules are rules about formulating rules. For example, "Rules should value consistency and ease of memory over efficiency" is a meta-rule. "Agreements are off in competition," however, is simply a rule. The fact that it has broader application than many other rules does not metastasize it.

In general, if you refer to a statement in order to determine the meaning of a call, then that statement is a rule. If you are writing a new rule and if you refer to a statement to determine whether this new rule is up to your partnership standards of rule-writing, then that statement is a meta-rule. "Agreements are off in competition" falls into the first category. "All rules must state explicitly whether or not they apply in competition" would fall into the second. 

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