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Woolsey Double with Diamond Suit

Pard and I recently started playing Multi-Landy and a question came up about the use of the Woolsey double for hands holding a diamond suit. It's obvious enough that the single-suited diamond hand can pass advancer's 2 call, but what if it goes 2 (pass or correct) - 2 (I like diamonds) - 2 (I didn't like diamonds, pass or correct to play in advancer's presumed major)?  Then you get forced to the three level on the very hands where you didn't want to be there (the ones with relative shortness in diamonds).  And if 2 was a good spot, you probably wouldn't be allowed to have your uninterrupted auction and get to play it there.  Is there a solution to this?  If not, is it really worth the ambiguity of including diamond 1-suiters in the possible hand types?

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