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Working Backwards from Maximal Security

There's been much posted about how a player or pair can cheat on-line (or face-to-face) for that matter.

There's been much posted about methods and devices to try to block cheating AND why most or all of them won't work.

Maybe it would help us to perform a "thought experiment" as to what would define "total maximal security".

Once that is done, perhaps we could work backwards step by step to what is actually possible.

Here's my definition of maximal security:

Each player is confined to a room where they cannot see any other person.  They play on a computer or other device on which they can only play bridge hands. It sends and receives encrypted information over a wired connection to the internet or an internal wire to what we will call the "tournament server" (for lack of a better name).

Let's assume that we can block ALL wireless transmissions from the room.

Would this admittedly fanciful configuration constitute "maximal security"?

What do you think?  If it does, maybe we can work back step by step to the most realistic level of security we can actually achieve.

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