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World Championship Pair Results

Final results are in for the pair events of the 14th Red Bull World Bridge Series in Sanya, China.

Open Pairs

  1. First: Ehud Friedlander and Inon Liran (Israel)
  2. Second: Jacek Kalita and Michal Nowosadzki (Poland)
  3. Third: Thomas Bessis and ERROR: UNKNOWN USER "lorenzini-cedric" IN INTERNAL PROFILE LINK. Try username, email, or FIRSTNAME LASTNAME. (France)

Women's Pairs

  1. First: Shu Liu and Tao Zhou (China)
  2. Second: Yan Huang and Lin Gan (China)
  3. Third: Suci Amita Dewi and Kristina Wahyu Murniati (Indonesia)

Senior Pairs

  1. First: Henky Lasut and Eddy Manoppo (Indonesia)
  2. Second: Hemant Lall and Reese Milner (USA)
  3. Third: Apolinary Kowalski and Jacek Romanski (Poland)

Mixed Pairs (played earlier in the week)

  1. First: Kerri Sanborn and Jack Zhao (USA/China)
  2. Second: Jacek Pszczola and Meike Wortel (USA/Netherlands)
  3. Third: Nan Wang and Bangxiang Zhang (China)


Congratulations to all!

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