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Would you call the director? Would you record?

Playing in a regional knockout, your opponents, playing a strong club, have a strong club auction to 4. Partner cashes the AK of hearts, then switches to a club. You happen to have a singleton in this suit. Declarer wins in hand and plays the K. Partner takes the ace and declarer faces their hand, saying, "I have the rest."


Obviously, declarer does not have the rest. You have a ruff coming. This is a perfect example of a bad claim. Declarer cannot state a line that includes your partner not giving you a ruff, so you can claim your ruff for down one right now. Realizing this, you say, "Hold on a second..." in order to stop declarer's claim from being accepted. As you are continuing with, "I get a ruff," dummy tells delcarer to play the hand out and motions for them to put their hand back.


Clearly this is Not Going To Happen. Declarer has made a bad claim. This is the top bracket of a regional knockout (I remember miscounting my tricks against Michael Rosenberg to make 3N+1 instead of 3N+2 several years ago. I still feel dumb about that one although it didn't affect the match). At this point you can do one of two things: you can call the director or you can remind your opponents that a claim has been made and that the hand is over and only call the director if necessary. I choose to try to settle it at the table, which we do and move on to the next hand.


However, I am left with a bad feeling. RHO, who happens to be a Grand Life Master, just tried to stop a bad claim by their partner while dummy. Afterwards, they claimed that they thought I was trying to stop a bad claim and allow their partner, a client, to retract the claim and give my partner a chance to return the mistake. Obviously RHO understands enough about the rules to know that they can't interfere with partner's claim as dummy and also understands what rights declarer has while claiming when not on lead.


How should I feel about this experience?

Believe RHO that they thought I was trying to help declarer. Many people will do this so it's not out of the ordinary.
Don't worry about whether or not to believe RHO. What they did was a small thing and they didn't fight you when you were persistent about getting the ruff, so get over it.
Don't worry about whether or not to believe RHO, but what they did was significant and they should have known better. Perhaps you should have recorded it.
RHO was likely trying to gain an advantage (or rather, stop a loss). This was clearly wrong. You should have recorded it.
Something else. (I didn't think through these very well).

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