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I finally broke down and added a page for the XYZ convention on Wikipedia.

For some reason, XYZ is, among popular conventions, the least well documented. And it deserves a much better description than is currently available in places like Bridge Hands. I think that one of the best online sources of information on XYZ is Bernard Marcoux's article. There's also Ben Dickens' article which has a ton of sequences defined. And I just discovered that "our own" Yuan Shen has an article: Problems with XYZ.

But there are many continuations beyond the relay that I know have meaning among experts but are still a mystery to less mortals, such as myself. A systematic description would be great!

I invite anyone who has the time, expertise and inclination (I lack the first two of these) to go and edit the Wiki page. Hopefully, we might eventually end up with a full explanation of all of the common nuances.

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