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XYZ vs. Wolfe Sign Off


A new partner asked me to play Wolfe Sign Off. When I asked for an explanation, he said "It's a lot like XYZ." After reviewing Wolfe Sign Off, he's right. Since we already play XYZ, ...

If we play XYZ after 1X 1Y 2N, then responder's follow up bids have the same meaning as over 1N (maybeone exception, see below):

  • 3C=relay to 3D, then responder can
    -Pass to play 3D
    - Bid 3H or 3S as invitational -- probably 6-7 points
    -3N=pass or correct to clubs/maybe a club slam
  • 3D=game force check back
  • 3H=very weak with hearts (GF if a reverse)
  • 3S=very weak with spades (GF if a reverse)

So, we can sign off in three Diamonds, Hearts, or Spades. How does this give up anything vs. Wolfe Sign Off?

After 1X 1Y 1N, 3C is weak. I can't imagine wanting to sign off in 4C; so, I don't think we would extend this response. Therefore after 2N, 4C would be Gerber.

Am I missing something?

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