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You can't unbid that!

Several polls recently have featured near impossible choices caused by a questionable (at best) initial action. This highlights a theme that is near and dear to my heart. Every bid is interpreted in context of all previous bids. If you misdescribe your hand, there is no going back. Partner KNOWS you don't have that hand and knows equally certainly that you hold something else.

Playing simple Standard American or some other basic natural system allows you to get away with more freelancing since your bids aren't that clearly defined in the first place.The more complex your system and the more definition to your bids, the more intractable the problem.

This ups the cost of masterminding. The reason for playing a complex system in the first place (aside from ego of course) is to be able to make fine distinctions and bid accurately. You throw all that away when you deviate from the script. Competitive auctions are the most difficult because those pesky opps just keep taking away your bidding room and leaving you in impossible situations.

When you are caught out like this, you can only do damage control. You MUST keep in mind how partner is going to react to the hand you have described rather than the one you hold. Don't expect to undoall the harm. It will just sink you deeper in the fertilizer.

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