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"You got it wrong."

I had an honest 11 shooter last week. Regional KO. I picked up:

S:7, H:KQJT9876542, D:7, -

At favorable vul, Annie opened 2C, precision, 6+ clubs, 10-15hcp, may have a 4 or 5 card major. With no real expectation of winning a beer, I bid a pedestrian 4H. LHO bid 4S and Annie doubled for penalty. Her bid was in tempo and she didn't slap the double card down, but after 42+ years of marriage, there was something that said, "Pull this double at your own risk."

Well, silly me, I bid 5H, LHO doubled, and Annie with an aceless 5=0=2=6 hand passed. I lost the obvious three tricks.  When the play was over, Annie uttered the immortal words which appear as the title to this article.

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