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You may be able to persuade me otherwise but.....

In a recent thread Paul Barden opined that the Law re non disclosure of revokes was the worst in the game,sorry Paul you're wrong. As bad as that law is (and it is very bad) I find nothing more abhorrent than law 25.

A. Unintended Call 1. If a player discovers that he has not made the call he intended to make, he may, until his partner makes a call, substitute the call he intended for the unintended call. The second (intended) call stands and is subject to the appropriate Law, but the lead restrictions in Law 26 do not apply. 2. If the player’s original intent was to make the call selected or voiced, that call stands. A change of call may be allowed because of a mechanical error or a slip of the tongue, but not because of a loss of concentration regarding the intent of the action.

3. A player is allowed to replace an unintended call if the conditions described in A1 above are met, no matter how he may have become aware of his error.

The first part of this is a joke and I don't think anyone could convince me otherwise, but if you want to try...

In the meantime for those of you who want to get off your chest what really are the worst laws then over to you.

If this topic's been done before and I've missed it  - well there's nothing new about repitition on bridgewinners!

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