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Youngest Life Master

Congratulations to Andrew Chen, 8 years and 3 days, becoming ACBL’s youngest life master! Previous record was held by Zach Garrison, who was 9 years, 2 months and 7 days. It is worth noting the requirement for life master used to be 300 points and changed to be 500 points for members who joined after 2010.

Andrew is from a bridge family. Both Andrew’s parents, Steve and Sarah are active bridge players in District 21. Andrew’s older brother Charlie Chen, 10, also plays bridge and is part of USBF junior program. Andrew is part of the SiVY youth bridge program and enjoyed playing bridge with other kids in the youth program.

Andrew started to learn bridge about two years ago. His first real bridge game was October 2018, with Brian Zhang (9) in a Newcomer Pairs game at the local sectional. In 2019, Andrew played in Las Vegas and San Francisco Nationals, and various local regionals and sectionals to rack up 215 points on his way to win national Mini-Mckenney 0-5 race.

Having to attend school on the weekdays, Andrew was always short on black points. COVID and shelter in place changed that. With school shut down, he was able to play regularly in the Support Your Club games on BBO, which reward black points.

Early in May, Andrew played with Charlie Chen (10), Kayden Ge (11) and Olivia Schireson (14) in GNT Flight C. They were the runner up for District 21, losing by 1 imp in the final. Andrew earned 14 points for the event, meeting all the requirements for life master but silver points. He needed 8.x silver points, but there wasn’t any sectional events available. The last sectional event Andrew played was San Mateo Sectional in February, Andrew played 6 out of 7 rounds and his team placed 2nd in Sunday open swiss.

Andrew celebrated his 8 year birthday on the past Sunday, May 24th and welcomed the week of triple silver points. Heading into the Wednesday’s game, Andrew needed 0.12 silver points. Andrew and his partner Brandon Ge (13) scored 59.4%, and earned 1.8 silver points, making him the youngest life master in ACBL history.

Congratulations again on this amazing accomplishment! Seriously, I am not sure most of us can sit straight for 4 hours at 8.

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