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You hold A9 Q AQ3 QJ876xx, at imps, finals of a District GNT Open. Nobody vul.


Your methods, as far as they may (or may not) be relevant include an opening bid of 2D as balanced 18-19.


Partner deals and passes. RHO opens a 14-16 1N, and you systemically bid 2N, to show clubs. I am not seeking input on this approch: it is what happened next that is the issue.


Scenario 1: partner alerts and correctly explains the bid. LHO passes and partner,after some thought, bids 3D, passed to you. Your call?


Scenario 2: partner alerts but, on being asked, says you have shown 'any two suits'. He thinks for a while and then bids 3D, which is doubled, by RHO, for penalty. Your call?


You may guess tha scenario 2 occurred. The TD was called but had trouble finding pollees, and so no rulig was made. I think all concerned were happy that the result did not affect the outcome, but I was not particularly happy with what the TD was suggesting might be the ruling. Hence thispoll.

Scenario 1: Pass
Scenario 1: 4C
Scenario 1: other
Scenario 2: Pass
Scenario 2: 4C
Scenario 2: other

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