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Your Opinion on This Director Call and Possible Re-call?

If you answer any question about a ruling, would you please state whether you are a non-director, club director,, tournament director (and what level)?

My partner and I, with over 8500 master points each and a fairly strong partnership, were playing at the local club against a much weaker pair with an un-established partnership.

West, a good friend with whom I play occasionally, began the year with 2500-3500 master points and has won 155 this year.

East, my former mentee, began with 200-300 and has won 63 this year. 

West's hand was     7     AK1053   J73    KJ94

East's hand was      AQ92     J7    AKQ102     52

I was South. Dealer, West, opened 1. North bid 2 and East bid 4. The 4 bid was incorrectly announced as a splinter.

I passed. West bid 4. North passed and East tanked.

At this point, I called the director and told him the 4D bid had been announced as a splinter.

I expected the director to address the fact that there was an announcement and that there was now Unauthorized Information (UI) to be addressed. I'm unsure exactly what the director said here, but he did not seem to think he was needed. And he left.

East now bid 5D. West raised to six. I led partner's suit.

E-W can make 5H, 6D, and 6NT. But 6 was down one on inferior play. Before the lead, West told East to not be nervous. After the hand, East said she went down because she was nervous, and it was obvious that she was. 

I was initially out of favor with West, who, after the game, in earshot of the director, and others, said I made his partner nervous by calling the director. And this was true. He further stated that I had no reason to call. I strongly disagreed and tried to explain the situation as I saw it. 

The director said nothing about West's accusation, nor about the UI, but said to me that East had trouble playing the next round because I had called him, and he had almost had to stand in for her. He then added, "See the problem you caused?"

I asked if he believed it was wrong to call the director in this situation, and he said I should not have called.

When the smoke cleared, East, who said she had had a panic attack, said she understood what I was trying to say. West was still certain that I was wrong to have called. And I believe the director was as well. I was not angry or rude at any time during the round or afterward and, fortunately, we players remain friends.

I would appreciate your take on the following:

1. Given all the facts, would you have called if you were in my shoes? And, if you believe I should have handled the situation differently, please say exactly how and why.

2. Would you, as the director in this case, have handled any part of this situation differently? If so, what would you have done?

3. If rho had made 6D, I would have called the director back. If that had occurred, how would you, as director, have ruled and and why?


Please be respectful to all of us with your answers, as, no matter what is said here, I will show this post to all parties involved. 

Thanks, all, for your input.

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