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Your worst mistake

When I started to play bridge, a pair at the club invited me and my partner to a home game. The father and son (~10yo) were playing, and the son made some really unfortunate play, which clealry lacked thought. So the father told the son that he was stupid, and useless - in front of us, at the table. We never came back to play at their house again, but I remember very well the look in on his son face. Needless to say, the son did not continue to play bridge. 

When I came to this site, I looked to learn bridge from the best. As Ethan Liu put it "For ordinary players, BW is as trustworthy as one could find for opinions on bidding and plays and the panel voting format make it more so, not to mention many contributors are real-world experts. I, for one, appreciate their inputs very much...". I agree, which is why it is so frustrating to see comments of the "This is the stupidest bid in history of bridge" or "LOL, 100% to both". You would never say that in person, or at the table - you should not do it here as well.

People that post here put their mistakes for others to judge, so they can learn the thought process. All of us made these at some point, some just never were forthcoming enough to tell the whole world about it - and however "stupid" was the bid or play, the person is smart enough to ask for help. So, simply put it, please help or don't. To paraphrase on Michael Rosenberg - such remarks say nothing about the player posting the question, but a lot about the one posting an answer. Lately the preponderance of such remarks makes it difficult to ignore the issue.

So, instead of shaming others, please share your stupidest mistake ever. I for example failed to double 7NT with an ace in my hand, on lead. Seriously.


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