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YUGE upset brewing in CNTC Quarterfinals

I can't believe the whole CNTC playoffs aren't being broadcast on BBO but that's another story on the riverbank. (Kudos to whoever got that cultural reference.)

The unstoppable juggernaut of Fred Gitelman, Dan Korbel, Eric Kokish, Les Amoils, Danny Miles & Darren Wolpert flopped out of the gate against Ray Jotcham, Steve MacKay, Morrie Kleinplatz, Steve Cooper, Andy Altay & Jim Priebe. They were down 104-62 after set 2 of 6 & my Spidey Sense started tingling. "This could get interesting depending on how many IMPs MILES claws back before the half." I thought.

Then JOTCHAM wins set 3 40-4!!! 144-66 at the half.

Holy Mackerel, Mr. Mackerel.

Will Jotcham hold on?

Edit: I've been informed below that even though we have completed 3 of 6 sets, we are NOT at the half! We've finished 54/90 (60%) of the boards after 3 sets. So MILES needs to win at least 78 IMPs in 36 boards.

Jotcham will win
Miles will win

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