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Zero Tolerance for Bad Behavior?

I am playing this week in the Myrtel Beach Regional and have personnally witnessed the following:

1) A fairly experienced opponent badgering a new player in a morning side game.  When I called the director to complain I was told by the player to shut up and mind my own business (no penalty was given)

2) A retired National Director [I want to publish the name to shame him, but will withhold it - anyone with an interest please PM me], playing in the KO's arguing for the entire match with an opponent (appeared to be about ethics, but who knows or cares) - the director was called the table several (3 or 4) times by the lady and nothing was done (no penalty given) [after the match he followed her around and continued to argue (I was thinking about calling security it was such harrassment)

3) In a Bracket 1 KO, one of the players slammed the boards on the table and started cursing at his opponents before the match started because he had shuffled the boards before they arrived and wanted to be present when the shuffling started.  The director was called but no penalty given

4) After a KO match, the team sitting at the table next to us had left a mess and were discussing a hand (It was the evening session and most of the tables were done, we had about 2 boards remaining) when the caddy came and started to clean up, they were VERY rude to her and told her - "Go do your job somewhere else" - they left a mess by the way

5) During the New Year Party, people were STEALING the small bottles of Champain they were handing out to the players (one guy took over 5 and put them in his jacket pockets, when confronted he just walked off)

Any thoughts about what should be done about his type of behavior

Drop Zero Tolerance as an official Policy (It is a Joke and never enforced)
Assess Penalties during the game, but nothing can be done once the game is over
Remove players from the playing area regardless

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