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Zonal Governance Proposals

Zonal Governance Proposals

The goal is to reduce the ACBL Board of Directors to 9 members.

We have shared these ideas with Margot Hennings (D6 BoD) and the BoD Governance Task Force Chair. Margot responded by sharing the ideas developed so far by her committee and the direction their deliberations are headed. She encouraged us to stay engaged and to help make the views of the Board of Governors known for the benefit of their deliberation. We want to foster greater interaction by providing high-quality suggestions to the Governance Committee.

The following will be a discussion item for the Board of Governors’ Meeting in Hawaii (Please read the link):

Zonal Governance Proposals

In essence these three proposals merge existing Districts into 8 or 9 Zones. Each Zone would have one member on the new Board of Directors. The Board of Directors would be 9 leaders. Where 8 zones are proposed, the ninth member would be appointed by the Board of Governors.

We presentthese as a discussion item for several reasons:

  1. Simply reducing the Board size is insufficient. Qualified volunteers will have to assume the work in committees, and the Board will have to be effective at delegating to these committees for this work to get done. Managing fiduciary responsibility properly must also be considered.
  2. We acknowledge that an expertise-driven Board is an option worthy of consideration. However, we are concerned that this direction is unaffordable for the ACBL’s size of business. (What would attract and keep an experienced Board Member with key functional expertise?) We do not want a focus on expertise to be an impediment to getting to a smaller, more effective Board size.
  3. Getting to a smaller Board does not ensure that Volunteers, Clubs, and Teachers are properly and effectively represented in the decision making.
  4. While there may be issues with membership voting, there are other possibilities worth discussing – perhaps BoD electors should also include all Certified Teachers and Club owners, and not just Unit Board Members.

On another note, is the Board of Governors happy with its own current effectiveness? What possibilities come to mind that are curated, and bound to deliver better governance than today’s approach? Is there room for external Boards of Experts, or Sounding Boards, to review marketing plans and growth strategies for suggested improvements?

We ask that you post your comments here and that you help us move toward the next step in Hawaii.This is a difficult road.

Steve Moese and Chris Compton

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