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I've got software that will display the scores (+ assignments) through a projector on the wall. It's in use at some regionals.
Oct. 25, 2014
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In the example, ACBLscore created a single section of a single event. Bridgescore+ did the same. Both were a 13 table mitchell. Neither one had name entries. Main difference, subtle though it is, is that Bridgescore+ would provide defaults. If anything goes wrong, you don't need to start again with Bridgescore+.

If you have a better comparison you'd like to see; let me know. I'll create videos of both systems.

On a per screen basis, ACBLscore will be quicker (it directly writes to the screen, can't beat that with modern computers), on a per task basis, Bridgescore+ should be faster.

More importantly, which is easier to use for a new CD (Club Director), not familiar with either. That was the target market for ACBLscore+.
Oct. 24, 2014
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Though I may be perceived as biased, refactoring wasn't really an option. The work involved to refactor was less, IMO, to re-write the code. In some ways you can argue that a re-write is a re-factor but without the baggage. For once, I will disagree with Adam.

I have the advantage of having seen the ACBLscore source. There are about 200K lines of code. Nearly all Pascal, some assembler with some screen and keyboard code.

ACBLscore is long past its sell-by date. It has done remarkably well and lasted a very long time.

The cost of finding subject matter aware (SMA) programmers, willing to work/test in Pascal and refactor the code would have been higher than a re-write.

The user interface, and business logic, are very intertwined. Trying to separate the two, which would be one step is refactoring, is a lot of work. There would be a lot of testing involved with this, using tools that do not lend themselves well to testing of large scale systems.

The database structure, which is at the heart of the ACBLscore program is complex. The game file is a hierarchical file with up to 10 levels of indirection. It works very well for a pairs game, but has no support for a team game, other than recording a win/loss. No support for an individual board etc. The game file structure is something that could be kept, and be extended to teams, but there is no inherent support within this structure of tying, say, 4 sessions of the same event, e.g. National Pairs 4 session event. Change a score from second session, you have to re-score, re-calculate carry-over, then re-import to session three then to session four. So, arguably, it was time to refactor the game file. There are over 1,000 fields in a game file (not all used). Some fields are complex with each bit indicating a different state or action to take on the file. Making small additions to the game file is fairly easy, making substantive changes to support new features is not.

There are (were) no outside tools to interact with the file structure.

The code is still DOS based. It has a Windows veneer, but was never a true Windows port.

To re-factor, and keep in Pascal, you have to decide your ultimate destination. Is it .NET/Java/Swing/Mac etc.

There are lots of “small” enhancements that had been planned for a while to ACBLscore, for example, to increase the number of strats in a pairs event from 3 to 5. That was passed by the ACBL board over 20 years ago, but the work involved to make this, what from the outside seems a relatively small change, is substantial and that's the reason it hasn't happened. Given that this is a large amount of work, you can imagine how much work a re-factoring process will be.

ACBL Board/Management requirements for new software were to run on Mac/PC and have a SQL database.

Given those as requirements (and you can certainly argue about each of them), re-factoring was not really a viable option.

I described ACBLscore as a Model T. Over the years it was modified to also be a race-car, mini-van, pick-up truck, school bus, but still had the underlying chassis. The chassis can only stand so much, and can only go so fast. It was time for a change. The replacement product has a new chassis, that is capable of supporting lots of new technologies. It is open, SQL based, web interface. Again, I'm biased, but the design is good.

Just one example: starting a 3 strat pairs event in ACBLscore takes 43 clicks/data inputs and almost 3 minutes. See
ACBLscore+ can do this in 4 data inputs/30 seconds,

I'm going to be in Providence. I plan to be at the BOG meeting, I have been at the last 9-10 BoG meetings, but I don't plan on speaking. I haven't spoken at any of the previous ones. I've stated elsewhere that for me this decision (dropping ACBLscore+) is an ACBL management decision, I'm nothing more than a member, maybe slightly more frustrated than most.

For me the good news, is that there are 6-7 districts and now some units are running score+ at tournaments. Every Unit/District that has run it, wants it for their next regional/sectional. ACBLscore+ was at the point where it was ready to be deployed and get TD feedback. I wrote a roll-out plan, see

It could be that ACBL decided that the work for a roll-out was too much, or they did not have the internal resources to deliver the product. It could be that the TDs needed to learn new skills (e.g. using a projector, connecting computer to Internet) that was considered beyond them. That last sentence may sound patronizing, but it is not meant to be. Most of the support problems I have are related to standard computer “stuff” and not software related. Or it could be that the ACBL outside legal counsel advice on the copyright was enough to convince management that they could no longer develop software on which they did not hold the copyright. In which case you need not a technical team, but lawyers that can explain the difference between license/ownership/copyright - it's sadly quite complicated. I know what I believe the reason to be.

As you probably are all aware by now, my company has a license to the code. We've been working on it for some months, but it is second behind other paying work we have. I believe in the score+ code, the design, and the impact that it will have on everyone, not just TDs, but also players, results etc.. Rolling the software out at some tournaments, mostly regionals. It seems to be going well.

There's one other small point that should be made. When I run, for example, the code to start a KO, I sometimes use a caddy to do data entry (team number, # players, # MPs). We need fewer TDs to start a KO. When we run the software to help run a Swiss, we use fewer TDs. We only need 1 TD to handle the scoring/table assignment after each round; in ACBLland for larger tournaments you need 3 (one for score entry, one for assigning tables in rack, one for writing scores on chart on wall). This starts to add up fairly quickly. Fewer TDs means lower revenue for ACBL. It is more training for TDs, but overall lower revenue.

If anyone is interested, I'll probably hold a Q&A at a restaurant somewhere in Providence so can showcase Bridgescore+ and see if any Districts want to pick it up for starting KOs and running Swiss. Will send out more details closer to the event.
Oct. 24, 2014
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Take a look at

Friend of mine, who is an Emmy-winning producer at a local TV station, did this several years ago (he only posted it a couple of years ago). You can see a young Andrew and Richard Jeng.

You may get some ideas on what works well on TV, and what does not.
Oct. 23, 2014
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The “is an American bridge player” is generated from the script I used.

Unless I know that they are dead, I left it that way, even those who were winning tournaments in the 1930s. Wikipedia likes confirmation that someone is dead. For some articles that Wikipedia deemed “unworthy” I did more research, typically pulling up a New York Times obituary. Added the obit., particularly from the NYT passes the Wikipedia “notable” test. If you can edit the files I have created, please do so.

I added obit. references for - B. Jay Becker, Carol Sanders, Tom Sanders, Seymon Deutsch, Robert F. Jordan, Edith Freilich, Lew Mathe, Tobias Stone, Phil Feldesman, Waldemar von Zedtwitz, Peter A. Pender. All had NY Times obits. I have now run out of my monthly free access to NY Times archives so can't do any more for a while.

If you know someone is dead, please update the Wikipedia entry for them. You do not need to be a Wikipedia editor to do this - anyone can edit. I have seen several people edit the 100+ entries created so far. The more content we can add, the better.

If you do edit someone, please put in their full name. Also there is a section at the end of the file on personal information, e.g. year died etc. If you can edit that as well. Please see my early post that starts “Update: Many thanks for everyone's help.” It has a list of things to do/check for each user that you want to edit (including changing is->was).

Generally I google the person's name, +Bridge +obituary.

If there is an article in Sports Illustrated or NYTimes or Chicago Tribune, I normally add that reference as well.

Also, check the latest file on
for the player. I keep updating this file, but I have to manually edit 100+ entries each time I add something new so have stopped doing this.
Oct. 20, 2014
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Also add

Marty/Martin Fleisher. 2013 Roth lists Marty. Ever other is Martin.
Oct. 19, 2014
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Bill has “only” won 5 NABCs so I'm not going to add him to Wikipedia as probably not considered notable enough. Does not stop someone else from adding him.
Oct. 19, 2014
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Alan, I've edited this file to get rid of the various red links.
Oct. 19, 2014
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As I posted in the README file, GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out
If the raw data is incorrect, so is the generated data.

All the incorrect information comes from the ACBL web site.


winners.csv:1954,Masters Individual,2,F. Ayres Bombeck,,16,0
winners.csv:1954,Open Pairs (1928-1962),2,F. Ayres Bombeck,,,
winners.csv:1948,Marcus Cup,1,F. Ayres Bombeck,,,
winners.csv:1954,Spingold Master Knockout Teams,41674,F. Ayers Bombeck,,,
winners.csv:1953,Spingold Master Knockout Teams,41675,F. Ayers Bombeck,,,

I don't know which is correct spelling. Anyone know?
Someone needs to get the ACBL to update its files.
Looks like this error has gone unnoticed for 60 years.
Spingold different than the other two.

Hong Li Wang
Hongli Wang

4 different versions. I found a couple more.
winners.csv:2014,Machlin Womens Swiss Teams,2,Wang Hongli,,,
winners.csv:2009,Machlin Womens Swiss Teams,2,Hong Li Wang,,,
winners.csv:2014,Wagar Womens Knockout Teams,1,Hongli Wang,,,
world_olympiad_womens_teams.csv:2008,2,Hongli Wang

The World Olympiad is from Wikipedia, the others from ACBL.

Krzystof Buras
Krzysztof Buras

winners.csv:2008,Jacoby Open Swiss,2,Krzysztof Buras,,,
winners.csv:2012,Keohane North American Swiss Teams,2,Krzysztof Buras,,,
winners.csv:2013,Reisinger Board-a-Match Teams,2,Krzystof Buras,,,
winners.csv:2009,NABC+ Open Swiss,1,Krzysztof Buras,,,
world_olympiad_teams.csv:2012,2,Krzysztof Buras

Same issue with ACBL.
2013 Reisinger.

Nicolas L' Ecuyer
Nicolas L'Ecuyer

winners.csv:2009,Lebhar IMP Pairs,1,Nicolas L' Ecuyer,,,
winners.csv:2006,NABC+ Fast Open Pairs,1,Nicolas L'Ecuyer,,,
winners.csv:2010,Silodor Open Pairs,1,Nicolas L'Ecuyer,,,
winners.csv:2009,Wernher Open Pairs,1,Nicolas L'Ecuyer,,,
winners.csv:1997,Jacoby Open Swiss,2,Nicolas L'Ecuyer,,,

Same issue with ACBL.
2009 Lebhar IMPs

Pierre Zimmerman
Pierre Zimmermann

winners.csv:2014,Vanderbilt Knockout Teams,2,Pierre Zimmermann,,,
winners.csv:2010,Vanderbilt Knockout Teams,1,Pierre Zimmerman,,,
winners.csv:2013,Reisinger Board-a-Match Teams,1,Pierre Zimmermann,,,
winners.csv:2012,Reisinger Board-a-Match Teams,1,Pierre Zimmermann,,,
winners.csv:2011,Reisinger Board-a-Match Teams,2,Pierre Zimmermann,,,
winners.csv:2014,Spingold Master Knockout Teams,2,Pierre Zimmermann,,,
winners.csv:2012,Spingold Master Knockout Teams,1,Pierre Zimmermann,,,
winners.csv:2011,Spingold Master Knockout Teams,1,Pierre Zimmermann,,,
world_olympiad_teams.csv:2012,3,Pierre Zimmermann

Same issue with ACBL.
2010 Vanderbilt

Pratap Rajadhyaksha
Pratap Rajadhyksha

winners.csv:2000,Wernher Open Pairs,1,Pratap Rajadhyaksha,,,
winners.csv:2007,Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs,1,Pratap Rajadhyaksha,,,
winners.csv:2001,Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs,2,Pratap Rajadhyaksha,,,
winners.csv:1991,Baldwin NAP Flight A,2,Pratap Rajadhyaksha,,,
winners.csv:1982,Grand National Teams Championship Flight,2,Pratap Rajadhyaksha,,,
winners.csv:2011,Roth Open Swiss,1,Pratap Rajadhyksha,,,
winners.csv:2002,Reisinger Board-a-Match Teams,1,Pratap Rajadhyaksha,,,
winners.csv:2005,NABC+ Open Swiss,2,Pratap Rajadhyaksha,,,

Same issue with ACBL.
2011 Roth

Sjoert Brink
Sojert Brink

winners.csv:2010,Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs,2,Sjoert Brink,,,
winners.csv:2011,Jacoby Open Swiss,2,Sojert Brink,,,
winners.csv:2013,Vanderbilt Knockout Teams,2,Sojert Brink,,,
world_olympiad_teams.csv:2004,2,Sjoert Brink

Same issue with ACBL.
2011 Jacoby, 2013 Vanderbilt.

Wen Fei Wang
Wen Wang
Wenfei Wang

winners.csv:2014,Whitehead Womens Pairs,1,Wen Wang,,,
winners.csv:2014,Machlin Womens Swiss Teams,2,Wen Wang,,,
winners.csv:2009,Machlin Womens Swiss Teams,2,Wen Fei Wang,,,
winners.csv:2014,Wagar Womens Knockout Teams,1,Wenfei Wang,,,
world_olympiad_womens_teams.csv:2008,2,Wenfei Wang

Same issue with ACBL.

Yongmei Zhou
Yongmei Zhpu

winners.csv:2007,Smith Life Master Womens Pairs,2,Yongmei Zhpu,,,
winners.csv:2007,Marsha May Sternberg Womens BAM Teams,1,Yongmei Zhou,,,
Oct. 19, 2014
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I tried to manually do Kerri, but merging everything manually was painful and leading to errors, so I got the computer to do it. I created a mapping from “previous name” to “current name”. This is my list:

# Alternative name, main name
Dorothy Hayden,Dorothy Hayden Truscott
Dorothy Truscott,Dorothy Hayden Truscott
Edith Kemp,Edith Freilich
Edith Seligman,Edith Freilich
Hjordis Eythorsdottir,Disa Eythorsdottir
Jillian Blanchard,Jill Levin
Kathie Wei,Kathie Wei Sender
Kerri Shuman,Kerri Sanborn
Kerri Davis,Kerri Sanborn
Kitty Bethe,Kitty Cooper
Kitty Munson,Kitty Cooper
Kitty Munson-Cooper,Kitty Cooper
Lew Mathe, Lewis L. Mathe
Nevena Deleva,Nevena Senior
Sabine Zenkel,Sabine Auken

If anyone is aware of any other, let me know. I don't need to know every single player that was married/divorced; I'm only interested in players that are in the files that I use to generate this data that have different names when listed as winners of events/awards, or have different names, e.g. Lew Mathe, Edith Freilich.

You will see some non-US players on the list. I now include the following records:

NABC events
NABC Awards - Fishbein, Goren, Herman, Mott-Smith
ACBL Hall of Fame (inc Blackwood, von Zedtwitz), Player of Year, King/Queen of Bridge
WBF - Bermuda, Venice, d'Orsi, Rosenblum, Transnational teams
Buffett Cup
World Pairs
World Olympiad Teams
World Senior Teams

If anyone has more data, or wants to generate more data, let me know. I am still missing a lot of WBF Ids; I only have about 50% of those that have a Wikipedia entry.

Records for all players, in Wikipedia format, are at

All winners of 10+ NABC events should now have a Wikipedia page. There are 131 players.
This list was automatically generated.

If you are going to edit a Wikipedia page on a bridge player, please cut/paste the data that I have generated if it is not on that player's profile. The records I produced list references to the source material.

In total, there are currently 2,484 players. See for the full list.

Note that I am only generating data for players that have won, or finished second, in an NABC event.

Ultimately this is not the best of way of handling all this data. The Wikipedia entries for bridge players' accomplishments should really be generated from a third party source, not manually edited. That's a separate topic for a different group.

I added some obituary information to some of the Wikipedia entries that were created. If you know someone is deceased, and their Wikipedia entry does not mention this, please add.

Oct. 19, 2014
Nicolas Hammond edited this comment Oct. 19, 2014
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Thanks Jan. I took your data, + the data from the current Wikipedia. I now have a separate file that tracks player name to WBF ID.

I have 129 players with 10+ NABCs, 78 WBF IDs. These are the missing players. If someone wants to create a simple CSV file with name,ID I can add:

B. Jay Becker
Tobias Stone
Harry Fishbein
Peter A. Leventritt
Sidney Silodor
George Rapee
Charles J. Solomon
Charles H. Goren
Olive Peterson
Lee Hazen
Waldemar K. von Zedtwitz
David Bruce
Phil Feldesman
Giorgio Duboin
Eric Greco
Geoff Hampson
Chip Martel
Bart Bramley
Bjorn Fallenius
Lynn Deas
Geir Helgemo
Larry N. Cohen
Eddie Wold
John Sutherlin
Hugh Ross
Mike Becker
Dr. Richard H. Katz
Marty Bergen
Peter Boyd
Steve Robinson
Peter Weichsel
Eddie Kantar
Ron Andersen
Thomas K. Sanders
Mary Jane Farell
Chuck Burger
Jimmy Cayne
Jim Jacoby
Eric R. Murray
Lewis L. Mathe
Samuel M. Stayman
Edith Kemp
Theodore A. Lightner
Ruth Sherman
Margaret Wagar
George Jacobs
Fred Hamilton
Michael Seamon
Gaylor Kasle
Rhoda Walsh
George Rosenkranz
Janice Seamon-Molson
Judi Radin
Kerri Sanborn
Mildred Breed
Lisa Berkowitz
Juanita Chambers
Barry Crane
Gail Moss
Nancy Gruver
Helen Utegaard
Peter A. Pender
Sidney H. Lazard
Jill Levin
Alfredo Versace
Petra Hamman
Ed Manfield
Fulvio Fantoni
Kyle Larsen
Harold Harkavy
Jacqui Mitchell
Cheri Bjerkan
Karen McCallum
Shawn Quinn
Jo Morse
Sue Picus
Emma Jean Hawes
Sally Young
Sabine Auken
Mark Lair
Roger Bates
Lynn Baker
Lorenzo Lauria
Adam Zmudzinski
Cezary Balicki
Oct. 18, 2014
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I disambiguated Dan Morse. There is now a separate Wikipedia page for him.

I added Peter Boyd. Someone had previously deleted a “Peter Boyd” on Wikipedia in 2007.

I added Richard H. Katz. No “Dr.” in front.

I added Lynn Baker. Same at Peter, a previous name had been deleted.

For Kerri/Jill/Sabine (+ Kitty), I'm looking for someone to create redirect links for the player and to do the manual merge of the data. They have all won using different names.
Oct. 18, 2014
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Player entries are at

This contains 26 directories, one for each start letter.

These directories contain over 2,400 entries, one for each player. For example:

There are spaces in the file names which may make this a little tricky.

Code is posted at

As I add more results, I'll update the results directories.

For Wiki-editors, you should be able to cut/paste from these files to the Bridge Accomplishments section of someone's biography.
Oct. 17, 2014
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Oops. My bad. I was making too many assumptions. ACBL lists Larry Cohen, Larry N. Cohen. Wikipedia has Larry T. Cohen, which I may assume is Larry Cohen. But my program ain't that smart so it sees 3 Larrys.
Oct. 17, 2014
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I've added von Zedtwitz award, Blackwood award to the list of awards that people can get. I will put the source code + generated data on GitHub so that others can cut/paste entries. As I get more data, e.g. Venice Cup, dOrsi, I can add to the script and the auto-generated Wikipedia entries. But someone else will need to start cut/paste into Wikipedia. Fingers are starting to wear out.

The tea-cup storm appears to be over, so approximately 100+ new entries on Wikipedia for Duplicate bridge players. Now ‘we’ need to start adding more biographical information on these players.
Oct. 17, 2014
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Lew Mathe already got fixed by someone else on Wikipedia. I think the same with Eric.

Christal/Rich/,Janice/Karen are all new, so if you want to create the correct page for them. They are all still alive (last time I checked) so should probably check with them on what the “official” name they want to be listed as. I'd prefer that we didn't put the initials in the name unless ambiguous within bridge (Larry Cohen). But that's the original source.

I have a script that can take a Wikpedia entry, e.g. Bob Hamman and convert it to a Wikipedia link, e.g. []. But it does not know about ambiguity, if there is a tool to do this on Wikipedia, let me know.

If you can fix the rest, that would be great. Not very good on the Wiki redirect stuff.
Oct. 17, 2014
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I fixed Jan Martel. Was doing it before I saw this post. There is another Jan Martel (deceased French sculptor) already on Wikipedia. If anyone deserves a Wikipedia entry, it's Jan so it is there now (and I updated my list above).

Yes, my program is dumb, it doesn't know pre-existing Wikipedia names. It's very time-consuming to dis-ambiguate (is that a word?) on Wikipedia. My program thinks that Larry Cohen, Larry N. Cohen, and Larry T. Cohen are 3 separate people. While ACBL still lists them that way, it's GIGO.

There's a limit to my hours on this project; for Bill Pollack, someone will need to go through and create a disambiguation page. Ron Rubin is the template I was using for disambiguation (though you can use Jan Martel now as well).
Oct. 17, 2014
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Wikipedia has strong rules on editing entries for living people as opposed to deceased people. For example, Bob Hamman, Meckwell, Zia all have Wikipedia entries. All that I have listed is their Bridge accomplishments, which is generally available information anyway. I agree that private information on them should not be listed.
Oct. 17, 2014
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>It is possible to have the directors on the floor talking to and controlling ACBLscore with their tablet or phone

Not really. ACBLscore is a monolithic, single-threaded, non-networked application with code that directly controls the screen and/or keyboard at times. The DB design does not allow for multiple writes from different source. Trying to make ACBLscore networked, or multi-threaded, or multi-user, or anything but Windows, is a lot of work. Refactoring this code, as you suggest, is a lot of work. The board's requirements were that anything new use a SQL database, which would have been a significant re-write of ACBLscore.
Oct. 17, 2014
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If someone wants to create a Wikipedia page for the Marcus Cup.
Oct. 17, 2014

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