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Add an 'Agree' button

Lately several posts have grown into threads with hundreds of comments. It becomes practically impossible to check all the comments to see whether your opinion on the matter has already been formulated by someone else.

The result is that the same opinions are repeated over and over again, by different people (or even the same people). This increases the length of the thread needlessly, and the readers lose interest and focus.

Obviously this is a self-reinforcing process.

Could an ‘Agree’ button help to remedy this?

When we have this option available, if your opinion has already been stated, you would only have to ‘Agree’. No need to repeat it in your own words. It would kind of work like a poll.

Obviously this would not work for those that love to see their name on the internet (or at least on this forum) as much as possible. But I hope that is a minority among us.

Note that ‘Agree’ is not equal to ‘Like’. There are many reasons for Liking a comment that have nothing to do with agreeing. E.g. you think it is funny, or an interesting new viewpoint, or especially well formulated, or you are a fan of the author.

Adding an 'Agree' button allows us to Like the expression of an opinion without agreeing to the opinion expressed.

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