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Alert flag for articles

I make extensive use of the alert marker for BW articles.  It is useful for following new additionals to an article I have contribiuted to.  There are a few improvements I can suggest.

a) many times in a lengthy thread, the click on the Alert starts me beyond the first new reply in the article.  Since there is only a way to proceed forward from one new reply to another, I sometimes miss the earlier new replies in the thread.  This would seem to be a bug.  However, it would be nice (and the bug avoidable) if there were a pointer to a previous new reply as well as the next new reply.

b) The 'alert' button lists new replies and also new 'likes' to replies I have made.  But if I click on the 'like' notification first it removes all the indicators to all the new replies to that article. making it impossible to find them.  Can you rewrite this so that clicking on the ''XYZ liked you comment" does not mark all new replies as old?

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