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BridgeWinners already offers bridge books and merchandise. I propose you consider adding the following “for pay” capabilities: 

1- BRIDGE WORLD MAGAZINE Negotiate the right to put the online version for pay here. Pricing TBD. You can also consider selling single articles for a reasonable price. Bridge World would retain all editorial rights and improve its cost structure and consumer reach.

Future capability might include: 

2- On-line lessons by level for a fee. Copyrighted material edited by BridgeWinners. Subscriptions and single topics purchase, all electronic. 

3- On-line teacher forum where students can contract for personalized assessments and electronic lessons individually or in groups. BBO can be the forum for the teaching after classes or contract we created here. One way to promote shared learning would be to require teachers to publish on the free site first. 

4- Perhaps the most controversial, a means to match prospective clients with professional players. not for public display but a service so individuals and teams can find pros when they want one. 

These services should not impede the open sharing of information on the main forum. 

Of these, I hope you can execute the Bridge World e-magazine. 

Regards, Steve

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