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Improve bidding and lead polls.

One element of these polls that works well at the point we all decide our answer, is seeing just one hand.  However once the poll has been answered many participants want to know how well their choice would have worked at the table. Recognize that all polls do not necessarily reflect a specific set of four hands.  

It would be a major improvement if the poll creator could 

  1. choose to add two three or four hands at the time the poll is created
  2. Choose the subject hand from those provided (focus hand stays visible always)
  3. Once the respondent answers the poll,they can view the remaining hand(s),
  4. Having viewed the remaining hands responder’s cannot change their vote - or better, the page records a second vote in italics. 

I confess this is a benefit to the author as well. One can create a poll on one day then forget which game the poll came from weeks later, breaking the chain back to the rest of the hand.  No one wants that.  

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