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Ian Grant started a post about minimum requirements for posts to Bridge winners that offers many good suggestions. 

Please, Please Me

I was wondering if you have considered automating some of the inputs, so that the conditions, hands, bidding and other key contextual elements are automatically solicited before the author starts writing? Even if it is a simple prompt about whether the author intends to use a hand or a bidding sequence on this page (Yes gets the hand generator, no causes no action).  

I'd envision every article to require the hand display dialog unless an author specifically chooses to 1) Postpone it to a later page, or 2) not write about a hand or bidding at all (low frequency but not rare).  

By having the software prompt the user automatically at each page, we might eliminate the effect inexperienced authors have on displaying hands and bidding, or on omitting the key conditions for the article/problem.  If the author wants to write a multi page article with no hand or bidding on page 1, perhaps allowing them to start the hand generator on a page of their choosing would work.  If each subsequent hand diagram is an edited version of an earlier page, there should be an easy way for the author to carry the existing code and edit it.  (Instructions how to record tricks would be great too).  

You might consider adding dialog boxes for bidding system and defensive carding agreements for completeness sake.  

Kind'a like taking the opt-out approach, instead of the opt in approach.


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