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Suggested Help Q&A on how to add to hand diagram code

Being that Bridge Winners members have asked how to insert information that falls outside of the hand diagram creator, below is a suggested Q&A for the Help page.

How do I add information to the code that's generated by the hand diagram creator?

Use the following parameters to insert additional information into the code.

  • b: board number (for example, "b=15")
  • nn: name for North (for example, "nn=Charles Goren")
  • en: name for East (for example, "en=GIB")
  • sn: name for South (for example, "sn=Goren")
  • wn: name for West (for example, "wn=Charles")
  • p: play (for example, "p=h5h3hthkcqckcac4d7")

Make sure that each parameter-setting is separated from its neighbors by a "&".

Commentary in the style of BBO can be inserted after any call or play, by surrounding it with curly braces, as in "{This pair plays transfer responses.}".

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