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Disclaimer: I am not a Bridge Winner hatest. Look, hereis my proof. I got a Bridge Winner shirt for my first place prize at a pizza party instead of getting a bridge book to put on my dusty shelf.


Bridge Winner lacks something which Facebook has that will make things much better. It lacks the @"name" thing. If you don't use Facebook, explanation: basically, you can tag someone by pressing @, then the letter of the person's name who you want to be notified of your post or comment, then theirname will appear in a list, then you can select their name. They will receive a notification that they have been tagged. For Facebook, you can only do this to your friends. Maybe for Bridge Winners, you are only able to do it with the people you are following? Leave a comment if you have better ideas for including who can be tagged.

Essentially, it couldlook something like this:

Article: blah blah blah blah Follow Michael Xu because he is amazing and should be doing homework but is writing BW articles...

Michael Rosenberg: I use to play chess.

Michael Xu: @Michael Rosenberg Same! By the way, how is Australia?

Michael Rosenberg: @Michael Xu Great, thanks!

( Michael Rosenberg would get an alert when I tagged him, and I would also get an alert when he tags me.

Benefits: If you are following multiple discussions at once, it can be annoying to go through each of them to see if anyone replied to your thoughts. With this "tagging," things would be much easier and efficient. Just think about the overwhelmingness of the comment section.

There is also the possibility of inside jokes. Like if I made a joke in the comment section that could only be understood by Michael Rosenberg, and he would find it funny, then I could tag him.

Something like this maybe: @Michael Rosenberg I think you would rather learn [ a useless bridge convention] than learning what a finesse is. Michael R. would get an alert and would see my funny comment, then laugh so hard milk comes out of his nose. Whereas if I make that same hilariouscomment but do not have the tagging option, how do I get him to read it?

Problems:The only problem I can think of is spamming of the tagging. But I'm sure there is a solution which you folks who read my articles can think of.


There is no homepage button on Bridge Winners. And it really irritates me. I have to click "Explore", then "Articles", and then "View All." Ain't nobody got time for that.

I don't know why, but it is my pet peeve.

Homepage, by the way, is the page you see when you first log into BW.

More gadgets:

BW might consider adding options such as: "View most popular/recent/old articles" and maybe better image uploading.

I like how in Google Docs you can just drag an image in directly and you don't need a link. Maybe BW can do something like that or at least make it more quick and efficient?


I think we all know what BBO is and how its friend system works. For the unknowing: you follow someone. If they follow you back, you become "friends."

I think BW might incorporate a similar system. If you follow someone who is also following you, you two become "friends." Then, you can recommend articles to read, bidding problems, partnership forms, and maybe even comments for your "friend" to read. Then, BW might think of making the only people who you can tag are your friends, which can reduce the possible spam of tagging.

Problems: Some people don't follow much people because they don't want their alerts and notifications to overflow. Maybe BW can make a separate "friend" option, instead of having to "follow" someone to "friend" them. What this does it that you won't get alerts or notifications on their comments, and how they answerthis poll. Basically, you don't get things unrelated to you.

Overall problems:Maybe BW wants to just keep things simple for older folks who have trouble and would get distracted by too many things. But I think my suggestions are fine and not too disruptive. As for the spamming stuff, I think we should just rely on scout honor. Most bridge people are ethical, polite, and kind people. While things like tagging may be harmful in less courteous places( though even in Facebook, which could have a lot of trolls, I don't think spamming of tags occur), I feel that BW and its users have the integrity to use things properly.

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