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ACBLScore in a multiple monitor environment

We are trying to use three monitors on the PC that the director uses to run the game. One is the main PC display. The other two are used to show timer clocks and, at the end of the game, the results. The two timer clock monitors are configured as extensions to the desktop.

The problem we are having is that ACBLscore pops up windows and dialogs that appear on the timer monitors. This creates two problems:

  1. if the monitors are off (we do not use the clocks in all games), the dialogs effectively vanish and the director thinks that ACBLscore has frozen
  2. if something does pop up on the timer monitor during the game, it obscures the clock.

We could just use a separate PC/laptop for the timers and connect monitors to that, but then we would not be able to show the results on the monitors at the end of the game 

Does anyone have advice on how to handle this setup?

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