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Advice for new club owners?

Recently a group of us players took over the ownership of a local club in ACBL-land. I’m wondering if any vet club owners/managers have tips, advice or suggestions for getting the club operations running smoothly as quickly as possible. As context we have ~10 sanctioned games per week and ~80 sanctioned tables/week. Plus 1-2 unsanctioned games, beginner lessons, and improver lessons. One of the co-owners is an experienced teacher and the lessons are in good hands. It’s the club management/operations that we’re trying to sort out. Specifically ..

  • Assuming we have teachers and directors, what’s the manager’s role? Does anyone have duties/task list, procedures, etc. they would share? How much work is it (hrs/wk)?
  • Dealing w ACBL is new to us. Any gotchas, advice?
  • We want to replace/update the web site without large $$ outlay. Any good options? We do use Pianola for results and member communications but not web site (yet).

Or anything else you can think of. Thanks!

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