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An IDEA: New Google Smart Campaigns for Small Business Ad Service

Just saw this in Google News. This looks like a good tool for both clubs and teachers. If you have tried this please share your experience. Let us know what costs are. 

The ACBL reported effective key words in the CEO report to BoG in Philadelphia.

“Campaign ad creation, audience targeting, ad delivery across Google channels -- and soon landing page creation -- are automated based on the advertiser's goal.

Smart Campaign ads can be delivered across Google’s properties and users do not have the ability to turn off channels. Targeting optimization is automated, and Google’s machine learning algorithms aim to show ads to the right audiences using behavioral, location, device and other signals.

Spalding says early results show Smart Campaigns are three times more effective at reaching a business’ target audiences that AdWords Express campaigns. One early tester cited by Google is Honest Soul Yoga in Alexandria, VA. The business says it doubled the number of intro offers in 60 days with Smart Campaigns.

Smart Campaigns are designed for small and local businesses that don’t have dedicated marketing staff and may not even have websites.

Smart Campaigns will be the default campaign type for new advertisers in Google Ads. The campaigns are almost entirely automated, from ad creatives to delivery optimization, based on the product or service being advertised and the goal the advertiser sets. Campaign goals include phone calls, website visits and requests for directions.”

Regards, Steve

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