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I posted this on the Board of Governers Forum which most of you do not have access to.

This link goes directly to the .pdf dealing with BoD business. 

These little tweaks to masterpoint awards, start times, conduct and ethics, and governance, may have required three F2F meetings thirty years ago. But is this still necessary? I've just learned that in Europe, the ACBL's BoD equivalent body meets F2F once every two years.Let's try that. Try email, phone and video conferencing in between. 

Gary Hann estimates that the Atlanta BoD meeting will cost the ACBL about $100,000. Eliminating many BoD F2F meetings would save about $250,000 a year. With that money the BoD could afford to hire and fire a new CEO every year without impacting ACBL's bottom line.

Seriously. If BoD worked on issues that would impact us mid and long term, these meetings wouldn't look so bad and might actually stave off the impending Regional tournament implosion.

Not only that, but in ten years there will be virtually no club representation over vast areas of our country. Parts along the East coast, West coast, major cities like St Louis, Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta, and retirement States like Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico will be where almost all bridge will be concentrated. Virtually every small town, every church, synagogue, and Legion Hall game will have aged out by then, including those in major cities and on the coasts. I've been to some. I've heard from many. These clubs were formed in the 50's and 60's. That's 60 years ago. Their members are all in their 80's NOW. Ten years and poof.

I don't think there is anything to be done about that. Way too late. We need to be realistic and begin making plans for dealing with what a smaller, tighter ACBL will look like. Marketing needs to be realistic too. Accept that bridge is no longer for the masses. To pass the afternoon, people now want a glass of wine and a nice game of Canasta or MahJong. "I play bridge for intellectual reasons and Canasta for fun." Is what I'm hearing. Instead of pretending that ANYONE can learn bridge, let's try turning it on its head. NOT anyone can learn bridge, but if you have the smarts and the drive to accept the challenge, know this, you will thank the day you discovered our game.

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