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Jeff asked for various suggestions about areas of focus for the BoG

From my perspective, the single most important thing for ACBL management to act upon is to develop a good demographic model of the organization.  Unclear whether this should be done by the CEO, the BoD, or the BoG, however someone needs to develop something rigourous.  

Here are the types of information that I would want to be able to extract:

1. How is the median age of ACBL members changing over time?

2.  At what age do ACBL members

  • Stop competing in ACBL events?
  • Stop being ACBL members?
3.  Are there confounding variables that impact line item #2.  For example, how does population density / distance to the nearest bridge club impact these sorts of issues.

4.  When do we expect the crossing conditions to take place?

5.  What is happening to the experience of the ACBL's members over time?  (Weight membership numbers by cumulative boards played over the lifetime of those members?)


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